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As an OSU Health Plan member, you have access to a wide variety of health and wellness classes, recordings and events all year long. Take advantage of all that’s available to you! It can do wonders for your wellness.

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General Health and Wellness
Sun Safety
Join this webinar to learn more about the importance of being sun safe, discuss risk factors and different types of skin cancers, and how to protect yourself from UV rays.
May 2, 2023 • Lorrissa Dunfee
Employee Assistance Program
#Motivational Monday: You Got This!
Ever need a little push to get your own self out of your way? We will share some mantras and affirmations that put a stop to excessive self-doubt and get you on your way, because YOU GOT THIS!
May 1, 2023 • Helka Casey, LPCC-S
General Health and Wellness
Herb Gardening 2.0
Have you started to grow your own herbs, but want to learn more? Join this webinar to learn from Tim McDermott DVM, as he shares best practices to expand and maximize your herb garden. You will learn how to best grow and maintain your garden. Then, fellow extension educator Jenny Lobb, MPH, RD, LD will talk preservation of herbs!
April 25, 2023 • Timothy McDermott DVM & Jenny Lobb, MPH, RD, LD
Healthy Eating
Gardening with Kids
Spring planting time is here. Gardening with kids increases an awareness of nature and where food comes from, engages families in physical activity together, provides motivation for trying new foods, and it’s fun! Explore ways to involve kids in growing foods this spring and learn about garden activities for kids you can do all four seasons!
April 18, 2023 • Carol Smathers, MS, MPH
Employee Assistance Program
Self Permission
For most of us when we were kids, we learned to seek permission to do just about anything.  As we have transitioned into adulthood often, we continue to “raise our hands” at work, home, and in our everyday lives…we tend to seek approval rather than give ourselves permission to engage in our well-being, to set boundaries with our time and energy, or to try something different, etc. During this webinar we will explore some reframing tactics and self-talk to challenge some of the learned societal/cultural expectations of our roles and transfer our perspective to empower ourselves with permission.
April 6, 2023 • Helka Casey, LPCC-S
Employee Assistance Program
#Motivational Monday: Celebrate Yourself
We are so good at celebrating others and for others…when is the last time you celebrated yourself?! What does that even look like? Join us and we’ll share some ways you can celebrate you.
April 3, 2023
Employee Assistance Program
Body Image and Self Esteem: The War of the Ages
These days we are constantly bombarded with ideas of what a body should look like, function like, or be. We are also concurrently bombarded with ideas of radical self-acceptance, body positivity, and self-love. Join a discussion of the tole these often-conflictual constructs can have and what you can do to find your own way through.
March 23, 2023 • Jodie Leister, LPCC-S, CEAP
General Health and Wellness
Berry Bonanza
Berries are everyone's favorite summer fruit! We are talking strawberries, blueberries and raspberries so come learn how to maximize your summer harvest!
March 22, 2023 • Timothy McDermott DVM
Emotional Wellbeing
Wellness Reviewing the Holistic Approach
Join OSU Health Coach, Bonnie to explore various areas of wellness. Many times, when we think about our health and wellness we tend to focus on exercise and nutrition. However, did you know that there many different dimensions of Health and Wellness? Let this year be the year you take control. In this educational program we will: • Review the dimensions of wellness • Learn to set realistic goals in each area • Review tools that can help to improve each area of wellness
March 9, 2023 • OSU Health Coach Bonnie Wilhelm
Active Living
Getting Started with Physical Activity
Join OSU Health Coach Michael and Amanda, for an educational program about getting started with a physical activity program. During this 30-minute session, we will: • Discuss benefits of regular physical activity • Determine motivation for participating in physical activity and learn how to maintain it • Help you to figure out what type of physical activity is best for you • Highlight physical activity resources that can help you make exercise routine
March 8, 2023 • OSU Health Coaches Michael Bramlish and Amanda Fox