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As an OSU Health Plan member, you have access to a wide variety of health and wellness classes, recordings and events all year long. Take advantage of all that’s available to you! It can do wonders for your wellness.

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Employee Assistance Program
Workplace Etiquette Redefining Professionalism
Over the last decade the world of work has seen some of the most significant changes in how we work on an individual and global level. Join this webinar to catch up on the changes and learn about what the future of the work world is predicted to be.
January 12, 2023 • Jodie Leister, LPCC-S, CEAP; Ohio State University Employee Assistance Program
Weight Management
Finding Your Happy Weight
Join OSU Health Plan Health Coach Alison for an educational program on your relationship with your weight. During this 30-minute session, we will discuss what it means to be on your journey to your happy weight. This may or may not be your ideal body weight. It may or may not be a number. More than likely, it is a feeling. We will discuss action steps for consideration to thrive in a place that feels good to you.
January 11, 2023 • OSU Health Plan Health Coach Alison Barney
Employee Assistance Program
#Motivational Monday Prompting Change
We’ll take a high-level look at Fogg’s B=MAP and how we can better “prompt” those New Year’s habits we want to develop!
January 9, 2023 • Helka Casey, LPCC-S
Parenting & Family
Mom Meditation Mini Series: Part 1
Regardless of the age of the child, being a new mom can be stressful. This is exactly why Stacy Notestine, mom of 4, registered nurse and yoga teacher, has created mom focused meditations to support a more calm and peaceful type of motherhood. Come learn the skills needed to tap into your breath to create more patience, focus and connection.
January 6, 2023 • Stacy Notestine RN, IBCLC
Emotional Wellbeing
Mindfulness Practices and Techniques
The concept of mindfulness is becoming more and more popular. Mindfulness practices include activities such as meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing. Join Family and Consumer Sciences, Extension Educator Casey Bishop as she discusses ways to create time for activities that will help you increase your quality of life and decrease your stress. Many mindful and spiritual techniques only require a few minutes out of your day to practice but can make a meaningful impact.
December 13, 2022 • Casey Bishop, FCS Extension Education, MACP
Employee Assistance Program
Whole Person Health Physical, Behavioral, and Social Health
We will review the benefits of integrating a whole health framework of physical, behavioral, and social health. In this webinar we will develop a deeper understanding of integrative health care practices you can use to foster a heathier work, life, and family balance.
December 8, 2022 • Suzanne Vickers, LISW-S
Emotional Wellbeing
Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace
Learn what a wellness culture is and tips to put it into practice with health coach Amanda in this 45-min interactive webinar. Participants will have an opportunity to identify individual and team well-being strategies they can use in their workplace to promote wellness and resilience.
December 1, 2022 • Amanda Fox, OSU Health Plan Health Coach
Financial Wellness
Holiday Budgeting Tips for Smart Spending
The holiday season can be a stressful time. When considering financial pressures, there are tools we can put into place to help ease the pressure. This presentation will provide tools for holiday budgeting to support smart spending.
November 15, 2022 • Patrice Powers-Barker, CFLE
Active Living
Exercise for Stress Management
Exercise to relax sounds like an oxymoron. However, research shows us exercise can be just as good for your head as your heart. Join health coach Alison to learn more about the connection between exercise and stress relief and why exercise should be a part of your stress management plan.
November 14, 2022 • OSU Health Plan Health Coach Alison Barney
Emotional Wellbeing
The Health Benefits of Laughter Therapy
Discover the mental and physical health benefits of adding more laughter to your life. We will discuss how laughter can be the best medicine for stress, anxiety, pain management, and coping with chronic illness, as well as practice some laughter therapy together.
November 8, 2022 • Roseanne E. Scammahorn, PhD